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The importance of customer service in real estate

Tim Caloggero

March 5, 2021

When bringing in the mail in Mid-December, among the junk mail and assorted Christmas sale ads, there is something that is nearly as reliable in life as death and taxes: the annual calendar from the real estate agent who assisted you with home purchase 8 years ago. Maybe it has the schedule for a regional sports team and is a magnet that goes on your fridge, but you know exactly where it's going, in the trash with the rest of the junk mail! Why do you need that when all of that information is on your phone? This has been the only means of communication you have had with that agent since he got his check at closing so many years ago, and it makes you wonder if he was really working for you or the people you bought the house from.

The primary marketing strategy for the modern real estate agent seems to revolve around annoyance. Today’s top strategies are still junk mail and cold calling. Also, Heaven forbid you visit zillow or once and become inundated with ads for agents and housing. The market is stressful enough as it is, the last thing anyone wants is the high pressure sales pitch from a dozen shark agents when they smell blood in the water.

That is why I propose the new industry standard should revolve around customer service.

You deserve a quality agent

In the age of COVID, we have become further separated from each other than we already were in the age of the internet. Sales agent marketing strategies were already very distant as well, but it's time to go the other way! The way of in-person customer service like no one else is providing. Being a Realtor holds us to a higher standard of moral and ethical care, which should be shown to everyone, not just the guaranteed paychecks.

At Merrimack Valley Realty, we strive to better our community to the best of our ability through service. In 2020, the socially distant society has left a craving for personal attention and care through customer service that most companies who outsource customer service are incapable of providing.

Can you remember the last time you answered a call from an unknown number or “spam risk? What about the last time you thoughtfully read junk mail? I bet you can’t, but I would bet that you can remember the kindness of a stranger, or when someone offered to help you in an impactful way. Merrimack Valley Realty is not about being high pressure, slick businessmen, but instead daily committing to bettering the lives of our neighbors and community, and we are hope that will be enough to earn your business.

Contact Merrimack Valley Realty to experience top-rate customer service.