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Merrimack Valley Realty makes buying a home simple. We are your expert partners through the purchasing process, as you finance, search, negotiate, and close on your new home. Here we have lower taxes, more affordable housing, and quieter backyards than those closer to Boston.


The Merrimack Valley Realty team has extensive market knowledge, expertise, and resources to make your home-selling process as smooth as possible. From preparing your home to listing it to exchanging the keys at closing, we are your partners every step of the way.


You're interested in buying, remodeling, and selling a home in a short amount of time, and Merrimack Valley Realty is here to help you achieve those goals—and turn a profit. For more than 30 years we've been finding the worst houses in the best neighborhoods and making them showcase properties.

Your dream, our experience.

Your dream, our experience.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or restore a home, Merrimack Valley Realty, LLC, is here to get you the results you desire.

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We are a small boutique agency focused on YOU

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The agents at Merrimack Valley Realty are the best at having creative solutions that actually work in the chaotic housing market of 2021! They made time for showing houses at my convenience, had valuable insight, and made sure I knew they cared about me and what I needed at every turn.
Rebekah Poitras

Tim is an exceptional realtor. In a hyper competitive market where other buyers were waving inspection, paying 30-40k over asking, and paying closing costs out of pocket, tim found my fiancee and I the perfect starter home, recently remodeled with a big yard and a garage, and then negotiated the deal to make sure we got closing costs covered by the seller, got the seller to accept an offer that was not a dime over asking, and got the seller to make additional updates to the house before closing. My fiance and I were first time home buyers and Tim's calm and confident personality made the process much less stressful. Tim is very experienced, and was able to show us exactly what to look for when buying a house, when we went to open houses he consistently found things other realtors missed when showing their clients features and potential problems with the house. Tim constantly went above and beyond to help us find the right house and was willing to work around my fiancee's and I's complex work schedule, to make sure we got to showings anytime, anywhere. He is a realtor that i would recommend to anyone.
Daniel Rollnick

We are a New Hampshire residential property investment firm incorporated in 2014; we have been working with Tim for the last 3 years. We have two branches of business: house flipping and buy/hold income producing properties. We are now in the midst of our 12th transaction with his assistance. I cannot recommend him more for his knowledge and professional contributions to our growth and profitability.
Peak Premises, LLC

"After struggling to sell my mom's house for months, we were so fortunate to meet Lynne Caloggero and her team at Merrimack Valley Realty. Lynne was not only a true pleasure to deal with, but she had the resources to properly stage the house. Her husband is also a contractor, so they were able to fix a few minor things that the house needed to get it across the finish line. Once she got us listed, the house was very busy with traffic, and we able to close on the home. Thanks Lynne. You and your team were life-savers for us"

Lynne is a very professional Realtor with a vast knowledge of her profession.
James Sullivan



The importance of customer service in real estate

When bringing in the mail in Mid-December, among the junk mail and assorted Christmas sale ads, there is something that is nearly as reliable in life as death and taxes: the annual calendar from the real estate agent who assisted you with home purchase 8 years ago. Maybe it has the schedule for a regional sports team and is a magnet that goes on your fridge, but you know exactly where it's going, in the trash with the rest of the junk mail! Why do you need that when all of that information is on your phone? This has been the only means of communication you have had with that agent since he got his check at closing so many years ago, and it makes you wonder if he was really working for you or the people you bought the house from. The primary marketing strategy for the modern real estate agent seems to revolve around annoyance. Today’s top strategies are still junk mail and cold calling. Also, Heaven forbid you visit zillow or once and become inundated with ads for agents and housing. The market is stressful enough as it is, the last thing anyone wants is the high pressure sales pitch from a dozen shark agents when they smell blood in the water. That is why I propose the new industry standard should revolve around customer service. ## You deserve a quality agent In the age of COVID, we have become further separated from each other than we already were in the age of the internet. Sales agent marketing strategies were already very distant as well, but it's time to go the other way! The way of in-person customer service like no one else is providing. Being a Realtor holds us to a higher standard of moral and ethical care, which should be shown to everyone, not just the guaranteed paychecks. At Merrimack Valley Realty, we strive to better our community to the best of our ability through service. In 2020, the socially distant society has left a craving for personal attention and care through customer service that most companies who outsource customer service are incapable of providing. Can you remember the last time you answered a call from an unknown number or “spam risk? What about the last time you thoughtfully read junk mail? I bet you can’t, but I would bet that you can remember the kindness of a stranger, or when someone offered to help you in an impactful way. Merrimack Valley Realty is not about being high pressure, slick businessmen, but instead daily committing to bettering the lives of our neighbors and community, and we are hope that will be enough to earn your business. [Contact Merrimack Valley Realty]( to experience top-rate customer service.

Passive income: A key to financial stability

If you are a younger Millennial or older Gen Z like I am, you are without a doubt aware of the struggles our generation is facing. We are hearing “Boomers killed the planet and the economy, and we are doomed to poverty.” Well I am here to bust this myth and explain an accessible path to longterm financial stability. The key is to eliminate your largest expense through passive income. What is the largest expense? According to a study by Harvard University, about [40 million households pay more than 30% of their income in rent]( Everyone needs a place to live, so that housing expense is never really just going away (unless you live in your parents’ house for the rest of your life), but what we can do is subsidize it with passive income. Passive income is the concept of your money working for you. It is money that can be regularly collected for effort often as minimal as simply collecting it. ## Become a landlord In my experience, the easiest way to start generating passive income is by becoming a landlord. The solution is to buy a multi-unit property to live in and rent the other unit(s). Renting from a tenant’s perspective is throwing 30% of their income into a black hole every month. From a landlord’s perspective, that money is being put directly into your pocket. For our purposes, this money would go to cover the mortgage and taxes so that the out-of-pocket expenses are virtually eliminated. You may be saying to yourself, “This sounds all well and good, internet Realtor guy, but I’m barely covering my expenses as it is. How am I supposed to buy a house?” And this question has been answered decades ago so that renting versus owning is a choice rather than a barrier. It is true that the downpayment on a home loan can be tens of thousands of dollars, but with a team including a savvy Realtor and lender, that can be reduced to what is comparably a pittance. A vast amount of programs exist to help you get out of renting and into home ownership, the only problem is that many people simply do not know about these programs so they think home ownership is out of reach. You now know that you can do it, but you know nothing about home ownership, and even less about being a landlord. That’s ok! Everyone starts somewhere and if you have a great Realtor, they can continue to help you after you buy the house and can act as a property manager to take care of the landlord responsibilities. [Contact Merrimack Valley Realty]( to help you find the best multi-unit property today.